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Making a Meaningful Difference in Our Community

The Adventist Health White Memorial Charitable Foundation Board of Directors represents the very best of our philanthropic mission to the community. Read our board members' inspiring stories to learn how their guidance, unwavering support and commitment makes a meaningful difference in the lives of those served by Adventist Health White Memorial.

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Providing Compassionate Cancer Care

Understanding the Patient Experience


Daniel H Kim, MD, found his life’s calling in the quiet of a microbiology lab at the University of California, Berkeley. “I was a biochemistry and molecular biology major working in a microbiology lab with vials of yeast and bacteria, and my only human interactions were my lab mates,” Kim…


Lauren Trenkle, Board Member

Keeping Our Community Safe


“A little ripple sometimes causes a big wave,” Trenkle said, reflecting on the past three years of leading Total Testing Solutions (TTS) and seeing its positive impact on the community. “You just didn’t even realize it was about to happen.”


Sean King, Board Member

Finding Gratitude in a California Adventure


Sometimes the greatest adventure is the one you were scared to take. For Sean King, his wife Kaitlin, and three kids, Eamon (9), Emma (8), and Brendan (5), the year 2019 was their call to adventure. So far, it’s been an incredible journey. King began his professional career with PepsiCo…