Priority Initiatives

Focus Your Passion

It is such an exciting time to focus your passion for improving our community’s health and your philanthropic priorities. In addition to the work that our local hospitals do every day, philanthropy can enhance and in some cases sustain the Adventist Health programs that focus on our mission: Living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope.

Greatest Need(1)

Empowering Impact Area of Greatest Need

The biggest and most exciting opportunities do not always happen according to schedule. Gifts to our Area of Greatest Need fund provide Adventist Health White Memorial leaders with the flexibility to allocate resources where and when they are needed most. Gifts to this fund have helped purchase state-of-the-art equipment and technology, improved our physical campus and supported community projects.

When you give to Adventist Health White Memorial Charitable Foundation Area of Greatest Need fund, your unrestricted gift is instrumental in helping us provide the high-quality care that our patients.

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Improving Cancer Care Cancer Center

Cancer affects every family. But for the Lantina and Hispanic women in East Los Angeles, Boyle Heights and Montebello served by Adventist Health White Memorial, a cancer diagnosis and poor outcomes strike at higher rates than for other women. We are committed to providing patients care from a caregiver whose ethnic background matches their own, which improves patients’ experiences and outcomes.

With continued philanthropic support, the Cecilia Gonzalez De La Hoya Cancer Center at Adventist Health White Memorial will further prevention services, increase the number of infusion treatments, and refresh the aesthetic of the cancer center itself to a more compassionate, calming facility that is conducive to healing.

Your Gift's Impact

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Big Dreams for the Future Volunteer & Workforce Development

Since 2006, more than 1,200 young adults from Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles and Montebello have had life-altering encounters with professionals in a wide variety of healthcare careers, opening to them a world of possibilities they had never dreamed of. They’ve also experienced mentoring and guidance, encouragement and inspiration to pursue higher education and reach their best potential.

The Adventist Health White Memorial Healthcare Workforce Development program provides local young people with training experiences in the healthcare industry. The program motivates young people from our community on their path to professional, highly paid positions and meaningful work.

This program is possible with support from community leaders like you. Hundreds of young people in our community can dream big, then make those dreams come true because donations from the community.

Behavioral Health 2

Providing for Body and Mind Behavioral Healthcare

Adventist Health White Memorial provides effective, evidence-based mental health care for patients who need it most. Currently, inpatient services offer open access for adults with chronic and persistent mental illness, those suffering from depression, and those gravely impaired in their ability to care for themselves.

With the addition of a 10-bed inpatient unit, we will be able to provide a higher level of pediatric mental health care. Nearly 85% of the community surrounding Adventist Health White Memorial identifies as Hispanic or Latino. The stigma and embarrassment that can accompany mental healthcare often results in fewer adults and children seeking treatment.

With support from donors like you, we can continue to reach out to families who need us and offer safe and effective mental healthcare from Hispanic and Latino providers.

A Healthier, More Vibrant Future for Our Communities Expanding Access to Primary Care

At Adventist Health White Memorial, we are proud of our legacy of delivering culturally competent, comprehensive healthcare to the communities of Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles and Montebello. Yet we recognize that barriers stand between our community members and the healthcare they need.
Adventist Health White Memorial has committed to expanding our primary care services, a fundamental first step to improving health outcomes, fostering equity and lowering healthcare costs.
Primary care expansion is about more than just increasing the number of care providers. It’s about enhancing our facilities, integrating comprehensive services, utilizing innovative technology and training the next generation of healthcare professionals.
With help from donors like you, Adventist Health White Memorial is creating a healthier future for our communities beyond medical treatment in a holistic campaign for a healthier, more vibrant community.