"We all have something to give." Agnes Bartolome

Meet Agnes Bartolome, RN, who participates in Adventist Health White Memorial Charitable Foundation’s associate giving program, We Are Hope:

What inspired you to start working in healthcare and what brought you to Adventist Health White Memorial?
When I first immigrated from the Philippines, I was trying to decide what I wanted to do. I got into healthcare because I wanted to look for a career and nurses were in high demand. White Memorial called me and hired me to work in home health, caring for discharged patients.

I serve this community because patients are so grateful that we are able to treat them at home. Working for a hospital in an underserved community is really fulfilling. That is why I have stayed at White for 25 years. People are very friendly and helpful here. They make the extra effort to help one another. I know other places offer nurses more money but that isn’t my goal. I enjoy community volunteering and helping others, so money has never been the incentive.

What inspires you to give to the We Are Hope Associate Giving Program?
I signed up because this is where I work and receive care and if I am going to donate to something, I want it to be close to home.

What inspired you to become a We Are Hope Ambassador?
I think we all have something to give, no matter how small and I think for me, giving to a cause is very uplifting spiritually.

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