A Life of Significance — Making a Difference in the Lives of Others Frank Robinson, Board Member

As a young man, Frank Robinson dreamed of a lofty career in private bank wealth management and investment services. He envisioned working with millionaires, cutting checks and cashing his hefty bonuses. However, a powerful conversation with his father, Frank Robinson Sr., early in his banking career altered Robinson’s life and career goals forever.

Robinson, like his father, was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He spent his early years there, but Robinson Sr.’s military career necessitated moving to various parts of the world, including Germany and Turkey. After his father retired from the March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, California in the late 1980s, Robinson visited him and never left. He finished college at Cal State, San Bernardino, and in 1996 joined Union Bank as a customer sales and service representative.

Frank Robinson, Board Member, Adventist Health White Memorial Charitable Foundation

“Dad, I’m going to be just as successful as you one day,” Robinson declared, thinking about his father’s financial success, despite growing up in poverty before he joined the military. However, Robinson Sr.’s response was rather unexpected. “Son, I never wanted you to be successful,” he said, looking deep into his son’s eyes. “I raised my son to be significant.”

At that moment, Robinson realized his father never emphasized making money or getting a college degree. Instead, he stressed the importance of being a better man and person in the community. If he did those things, success would come naturally.

This conversation changed Robinson’s professional career trajectory, inspiring him to pursue a more meaningful path in the banking world. He realized that making a difference in the lives of others, particularly those in marginalized communities, was more important than just making money.

Today, Robinson is the Diverse Markets Executive and Community-Based Programs Manager for MUFG Union Bank, guided by his father’s words to lead a significant life. He works to create a more equitable and just financial landscape, focusing on key segments, including Black/African American, Latinx, Asian, Native Americans, LGBTQ+, veterans and women. He is also in charge of Union Bank’s student run branch program, the financial education centers and Corporate Social Responsibility’s special projects.

As Robinson advanced in his career, he delved into philanthropy, eventually learning about Adventist Health White Memorial. Union Bank was a significant supporter, and two of his professional mentors within Union Bank, Leticia Aguilar and George Ramirez, sit on the Adventist Health White Memorial Charitable Foundation board of directors. Aguilar and Ramirez spoke highly of Adventist Health White Memorial’s work, and Robinson became increasingly interested in contributing to their efforts.

In January 2023, Robinson was approached to join the Adventist Health White Memorial Charitable Foundation board of directors. As an African American hailing from Louisiana, the invitation to join the board was an honor. After touring the hospital and meeting with Foundation President Juan De La Cruz and the other directors, he knew he had found a cause that spoke to him. He was impressed with the board’s expansive vision for the future of Adventist Health White Memorial, their deep commitment to community investment and their openness to explore new opportunities and collaboration with other organizations.

“When I saw the work that White Memorial was doing in the community, in addition to saving lives, I realized they were doing so much more than a typical hospital does,” Robinson said. “They are an oasis in the desert and give everything to the community. I said, if I give my time, talent and treasure, it will go a long way.”

Robinson’s passion lies in promoting preventative health measures and education for young people, providing access to healthier food options and nutrition education and prioritizing culturally competent healthcare so all patients feel welcome.

Robinson also serves on the board of directors of Momentus Capital and Educating Young Minds. In addition, he is the Western Province Chairman of the Kappa 100 for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., and he is the National Chairman of the Grand Resource Advisory Committee for Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

When he’s not working, you can probably find Robinson playing golf, watching football or on a plane traveling to Costa Rica or Thailand, two of his favorite places in the world.

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