Grit, determination and dedication to the community Marylyn Aceves, Board Member

A good boxer is skilled, determined to win, conditioned to keep going when hurt, and has the courage to step in the ring, even though they’re scared. Marylyn Aceves embodies all these qualities, but she’s not a boxer. As Chief of Staff for Golden Boy Promotions (a boxing promotional company established by Oscar De La Hoya in 2002), Aceves has proven her mettle not with gloves but with grit and strategic savvy.

Marylyn Aceves

Marylyn Aceves, Board Member

Aceves, born and raised in Monterey Park, began her career at Golden Boy Promotions in 1999 while attending Mount St. Mary’s University. Initially joining the team in an administrative role, she quickly became instrumental in managing the press for Oscar De La Hoya, navigating the media landscape, and forging vital relationships within the boxing community. This became the gym where she honed her skills.

As 2006 wound down, Aceves confronted a pivotal moment in her life. She had demonstrated her determination within the familiar confines of Golden Boy Promotions, yet she wanted to test her full potential. The idea of starting her own public relations firm began to take shape. “I was pretty good at public relations, and I created a lot of relationships with the press,” Aceves said. “But I wanted to grow my confidence and challenge myself to see if this is something I can do on my own.”

The transition was daunting. “There was fear,” Aceves admitted. But she was driven by an internal conviction that staying put would lead to a life of wondering “what if.” So, with her family’s advice and support, particularly the words of her father, Daniel — “If you think that you can do it and make it, then you should do it” — she took the leap in December 2006 and left Golden Boy Promotions to start Aceves Public Relations.

In February 2007, just two months later, she had acquired three clients – a clear indication of her work ethic and the solid reputation she had built. Her portfolio expanded to include high-profile figures, like Erin Brockovich, and significant events, like the epic Israel Vázquez and Rafael Márquez boxing matches.

By 2013, Aceves felt she had proved to herself and to the PR world she had what it took to succeed on her own. She began to feel a pull towards her next chapter and sought guidance in prayer. Then, Golden Boy Promotions unexpectedly reached out with an offer to return as their director of public relations—an offer that Aceves interpreted as a divine sign. She accepted the position, returning to the company that had nurtured her talents years before.

Aceves’s path took another notable turn in October 2023, when she was invited to join the Adventist Health White Memorial Charitable Foundation board of directors. Her connection to Adventist Health White Memorial is deeply personal, dating back 23 years to her first visit during the inaugural event of the Cecilia González De La Hoya Cancer Center. Holding De La Hoya’s infant daughter during the ceremony, Aceves could not have imagined that she would someday serve the institution in such a significant capacity.

One of her oldest and dearest friends was also born at Adventist Health White Memorial, adding another layer of personal attachment to her professional engagement.

She is especially impressed by the Healthcare Workforce Development Program, which aligns with her values of nurturing and empowering young talent.

As Aceves assumes her role on the board, she brings her professional insight and dedication to the community. “White Memorial is part of the community,” she said. “You really feel like you’re embraced by the community, and I’d like to be a part of that.”

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