Fighting Food Insecurity and Improving Community Well-Being

Adventist Health White Memorial is at the forefront of addressing food insecurity in the communities of East Los Angeles, Boyle Heights and Montebello, where the need is profound and persistent. According to a study published by the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences’ Public Exchange, 37% of low-income residents in Los Angeles experienced food insecurity in 2022, making our commitment to this cause is more crucial than ever (USC Dornsife College of  Letters, Arts and Sciences’ Public Exchange, February 2023).

Central to our efforts is the Community Resource Center (CRC), home to The Prema Pantry and Fresh Produce Program. These programs supply nonperishable foods and daily necessities such as diapers, blankets and toiletry kits to support people in their health journey. Understanding that combating food insecurity is a collaborative effort, in 2023 we welcomed the generous support of SoCalGas, which contributed a $40,000 grant from its Fueling Our Communities initiative, and Walmart, which donated $25,000 to bolster the CRC’s programs.

This financial support translates into tangible enhancements:

  • Enhancing our patient safety net, we distributed over 1,830 meals and fresh farmers market vouchers to combat food insecurity.
  • The CRC’s resources expanded to support over 800 individuals with financial stability and health insurance support.

These partnerships aid in delivering immediate relief and reinforce Adventist Health White Memorial’s leading role in ensuring community health and well-being through sustained nutritional support.

Thank you to our funders:


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