Understanding the Patient Experience Providing Compassionate Cancer Care

Daniel H Kim, MD standing in front of the medical linear accelerator machine at Adventist Health White Memorial

Daniel H Kim, MD standing in front of the medical linear accelerator machine at Adventist Health White Memorial

Daniel H Kim, MD, found his life’s calling in the quiet of a microbiology lab at the University of California, Berkeley. “I was a biochemistry and molecular biology major working in a microbiology lab with vials of yeast and bacteria, and my only human interactions were my lab mates,” Kim recalls. “That’s not what I could envision for my career. So I explored medicine.”

Today, Kim leads as the Medical Director of the Cecilia Gonzalez De La Hoya Cancer Center at Adventist Health White Memorial. He joined the team in November 2022, bringing a wealth of experience from his previous roles as Assistant Clinical Professor in Radiation Oncology and Medical Director at City of Hope – Arcadia Radiation Oncology. His patient care philosophy is rooted in empathy and a dedication to building robust community partnerships.

Under Kim’s leadership, the cancer center addresses a significant community need in East Los Angeles and Boyle Heights, areas where cancer rates are notably high. Here, the center is a treatment facility and a vital support system where patients and their families are fortified to face their cancer journey with courage.

“We’re not just treating the disease, we’re treating the person,” Kim said. “These are all things that are important to me and that I’m seeking to take us to that next level.” Looking to the future, Kim is committed to developing a medical campus that not only provides comprehensive care with a team of in-house specialists but also fosters a community wellness environment. His vision includes a hub where families can enjoy the healing presence of nature while supporting their loved ones through treatment.

Kim’s innovative approach at the Cecilia Gonzalez De La Hoya Cancer Center is setting a new standard for patient care in East Los Angeles, Boyle Heights and Montebello, making it a model of holistic health and community support.


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